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My main concern is whether manhua has enough material for a 50-ep drama or would screenwriters drastically “create” new stuff. Wu Lei is probably the worst casting choice. Chang Ge Xing Manga - Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty - because of a woman. This was the very first manhua that I read and it holds a special place in my heart. However, many assume that Qu Chuxiao's subsequent problems with his agency is the reason why he did not get cast at the end. Since she was young, she was trained in martial arts and battle strategies, so she holds her own in a fight. I always thought she has manly features. I love them both individually. He slowly melts that attitude and begins to realize how his actions could affect those around him after meeting our leading lady. Due to the Xuanwu Gate Incident when Li Shimin instigated a coup to assassinate his rivals, Li Changge (Dilireba) who is the daughter of the murdered crown prince is forced to escape the palace. Chang Ge Xing: Author: XIA Da: Artist: XIA Da: Website: Status: Active: Release Date: 2014-06-14: Last Update: 2015-04-03: View: 24,621 Dou Luo Continent (Soul Land) with Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi begins airing today ~, Sweet Romcom Make My Heart Smile with Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han, Hu Yi Tian and Li Yi Tong’s DT. I was so excited to see Chang Ge Xing news… and then saw the casting. During an Age of Chaotic Warfare, how did one simple farmer rise to the throne? While their meeting was born out of a fight, they gradually come to respect and cherish each other as equals. Title: Chang Ge Xing Chinese Title: 长歌行 / Chang Ge Xing Broadcast Date: TBA Genre: Historical, History Language: Mandarin Episodes: 50 Director: Chu Yui-bun Screenwriter: Pei Yufei, Chang Jiang Production Company: Huace Film & TV, Yan Yu Film & TV Producer: Yan Bei Origin: China Source: Adapted from a manhua of the same name by Xia Da Love Meter Série 'Song of the Long March (Manhua)': Chang An na dinastia Tang da China (618-907): A estrela demônio está passando através do céu, acalamidade está prestes a … Chang Ge Xing 《秀麗江山之長歌行》 - Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong, Kenny Kwan - Page 2. Wu Lei also looks too boyish to be a general. Skilled in martial arts and war tactics, Princess Li Cheng Ge sets out to avenge her family and take back the throne. WL is handsome and fits historical dramas more. – Let’s Shake It 2 The point of Changge is that she’s a Han princess. Because she is young, she is able to pass for a boy and becomes renowned as a great military strategist. The manhua is highly rated among fans and has solid rating of 9 on douban. 15 thoughts on “ Drama adaptation of Chang Ge Xing confirms Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si ” keekeepod on April 1, 2020 at 4:53 am said: I remember reading that the Li family was Han mixed with one or more other (Hu) ethnicities. I don’t think people’s reactions are negative, they are just disappointed. What power struggles and love was found in the corners of the crumbling Han Palace. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Dilraba is gorgeous but I don’t have that much trust in her acting ability. Hopefully she can show us she is not just pretty in this drama. It's a legal battle and I sincerely hope it'll go well for Xia Da, because she really deserves full credit to her work. On her way to Youzhou to find help, Changge encounters Ashina Sun (Wu Lei) who goes by the alias Qin Zhun. Skilled in martial arts and war tactics, Princess Li Cheng Ge sets out to avenge her family and take back the throne.

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