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Follow this link for positive, non-judgmental advice on weight loss in dogs. Yet he can jump on the bed or couch with no trouble at all, he is eating normally and not off his food at all Any clues ? Unfortunately after our town caught on fire last year we have been living in our car . It just started yesterday after she … Locate your dog's chest right behind the dog’s front legs. Today is day one and we are watching him closely. One last thing needs saying: most dogs with unexplained yelping are overweight. At first we thought he may have injured himself as he is ball mad and does all sorts of flying leaps to get the ball, but he seems to be walking & jumping ok. He paces back and forth and doesn’t want to sit or lay down. Hello My 14 yo bishon is yelping when touching him under ear (only left side area) noting that he is eating normally and his ear looks so healthy (odor and skin). This has been like this for a day now. Hi Melissa. No! He certainly sounds like he needs a vet, and there isn’t much more you can do except keep him quiet and still in the meantime. Mental distress and surface wounds can be resolved at home the majority of the time, unless they are particularly serious. I had to carry him to the car as he whimpered. That sounds more like a seizure, either partial or generalised. He hangs around you if you are sitting down. He did eat all his dinner. Either way, you need a vet to be sure. You certainly have described all of the symptoms of severe pain but it is hard to say why. Next step xrays if he doesn’t improve? For the last 2 days she has not done any of these things. It’s worth consulting with your local vet to try and stop these from happening. I also noticed she may whine while laying down even while sleeping. She sat by the door, jumped up and yelped. So mu dog was out running with his brothers and sisters and then my grandpa noticed that he was walking stiffly and his front chest had considerably swollen. A dog that yelps without an obvious reason usually has neck or back pain. I suspect arthritis. We’ve taken her to the vet twice. All I can suggest is that you find a vet to see her as soon as possible. This is the most straightforward and harmless of all the possible reasons that your dog may yelp when picked up. I have a female Rottweiler and she just got out of her heat. Did you find out what it was? He wouldn’t get up on two legs or jump but that was it. My toy poodle yelps and begins to shake a lot if you touch the left side of her body or even if you don’t touch her at all. It is extremely toxic and your dog may die without treatment.I cannot stress this enough. No matter what, he keeps his head bent down and tries to only move his eyes to look around. anxiety) would be if it only happens in certain places, such as when on the sofa. Imagine if someone did that to you, out of nowhere- you’d probably feel just a little annoyed and let out a little scream too! He hurt himself coming up some stairs when he lost his footing. Your dog could be suffering from joint or muscle problems in specific sections of the body. No matter how small a dog is, I will always pick them up by having them facing away from me, then I place my right hand or arm (depending on dog size) under the chest, and use my left hand to support the rump. Hi Andrew, Monday my poodle lifted up his front left paw and yelped once, then put it back down and was normal the rest of the day. She puts pups first while offering other various information along the way. Then, move its head from side to side, flat against its body. All the best. Hi Samsudin- yes, yelping is unique to dogs. < not good ways to pick up a dog. My 9 yr old Shepherd Yelps if touched on abdomen by rib cage and also his sides. This will help to determine the extent of damage and whether the patient can be treated just with cage rest and medication, or if a more serious procedure such as surgery is needed. If your pet is unwell, please seek veterinary attention. If he’s an anxious dog, it might be that, but it’s hard to say. Although I can’t be certain, the best clue is probably your dog’s age. In general, your Dachshund will probably stay pretty healthy throughout most of her life. I would look around and see who is doing this and ask your vet for a referral unless she has another suggestion. I’ll answer this one – fixing a blocked anal gland is usually done under anaesthetic by passing a small cannula into it and flushing it but sometimes a vet can express it when the dog is awake if it’s not too painful. If your dog does show pain by yelping at any point, you will need to book an appointment to take him into the vet for a thorough examination. This is especially common in hot weather when it does seem to help them cool down a bit. Here’s why it matters…. Do you have any idea what could be going on? and if you push on his shoulder blade he yelps. I’ve suspected the foster dog I’m looking after has some issues with one of his back legs but after reading your post I also realise that throughout the night he gets up a few times and has a good shake, so now I’m wondering if that’s another sign of things not being quite right. I would think if it were back pain the back legs would be affected rather than the front. Vets Can Now Legally Treat FIP In Cats, Thanks To COVID, Acute pain is the cause of most yelping ‘for no reason’, The majority of unexplained cases have neck or back pain, It can happen when moving, when touched or even while sleeping, needs immediate referral to a specialist surgeon, ongoing pain not easily managed by treatment. It does sound behavioural and not due to pain, though of course I can’t be sure. I thought it was his back at first. We have taken to a vet and he says it is probably a symptom of depression and should play with him more… but, I am still worried because it is clearly getting worse every time I see him even though my mom is trying to spend more time with it. I have an appointment to take my Pom to the vet tomorrow morning. I touched here and there to see he has any pain but he was fine then. She is so energetic we take her on 3 walks per day, while we also have a large fenced in backyard for her to run around in. It started getting worse so I took him to the vet in Tijuana Mexico since I live in San Diego and it’s cheaper. It’s rare, but I’ve seen it from time to time and it’s very hard to identify. Hi Richard. It sounds like your suspicions are correct that something is wrong. Thanks. Hi Theta. I’m sorry about the comic picture above. If it’s really a leg problem, there should be a limp most of the time, and dogs almost never yelp with leg problems except when they first hurt them. Also with only the one front paw being lifted for only a few minutes per day, then intermittent soreness on the mid to lower back, I have no idea what it could be. My dog yelps when picked... My dog yelps when picked up specifically under his chest, and can no longer jump up high onto couches or beds, but walks, breathes, & eats normally. All shots up to date, she's never had any health problems. If you feel that your dog is suffering from fear or anxiety, try to calm your dog … Shakes and cowers at random times. Hi Callie. However, she does not jump on the bed as often as she has previously. Hi Janet. And when he urinates there a blood in it..His stomach is bloated and when I touch it he will cry because of pain..He still drink water but will not eat :( I dont want him to die please help me....What you think please is his problem? The only thing I can figure is maybe he neck bc she yelps when she moves her head a certain way I think. My needs to be calmed down, not hyped up. Eddie whines or yalps whenever someone tries to pick him up under the armpits a certain way. No matter what, the injury needs to be properly diagnosed. My pittvull is doing the same. She tries cleaning pup like she’s one of her baby’s. Run your fingers along its rib cage and firmly press each rib. Good luck. Yelps when I bend down to open up his crate to be let out. Is there any sign of soreness? My 4year old King Charles Cavalier has just started to Yelp for no apparent reason he seems lethargic and hes eating fine and seems to have his normal mobility, I’ve checked to see if his belly is hard and looked for anything that’s not normal can someone please help. She may have an injury in the vertebral column-pinched nerve or a bulging disc. Hi, I have a 5 1/2 year old English Bulldog. In these cases, you will be able to see that the spaces between the discs have become narrow. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. From the time she was a young girl, she always felt a connection with pets. I created an area inside that restricts him from walking around too much and have been keeping him inside. If your dog yelps when picked up from under its chest, you probably can’t see anything wrong on the surface- no matter how hard you look. Other times, it’s completely invisible to the naked eye. Back pain often causes obvious referred pain to the abdomen, with a very tight, hard and painful belly.

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