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Dr. Egon Spengler (portrayed by Harold Ramis) 5. Most of the production took place at The Burbank Studios. On Page 17, in panel 6, on the TV is a still from the Ghostbusters II Game Boy video game. [12] Needless to say the script was not used and ultimately the story gradually changed after Harold Ramis began co-writing. Il s'agit d'un redémarrage (reboot) de la franchise SOS Fantômes . [26][27] John Van Vliet at Available Light, Peter Kuran at Visual Concept Engineering, and Apogee were sent some of the effects work. ", On Page 20, the poster on the right advertises the dancing toaster and quotes Peter's line, "You're my number one Christmas boutique gift item!". On Page 11, Ray's Occult Books' neighbors St. Mark's Deli and Manic appear in panel 1. Wilhelm von Homburg was filmed in front of a bluescreen and then matted over a miniature version of the slimed corridor built by the ILM model shop. In panel 2, on the top shelf are the items from Ghostbusters II as they appear when Peter talks to Ray about the bathtub attack. In front of Ray on the table is a Ghostbusters II mug from Colorolls. The train was meant to add more tension, humor, and special effects to that part of the movie. [35] Fuller filmed for about two months but he was paid a whole month for nothing. A copy was framed and is up in Peck's Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commissionoffice. It was a huge step-up from the Activision games, with the characters actually being recognizable. In it, Michael Chapman held a 2K at MacNicol's height then walked down the hall, panning the light from side to side. On Page 11, Alan mentions his Uncle Janosz. During this, Ray and Egon find the slime all over the city. A sign of high, paranormal activities, to which Winston is dismayed. Ghostbusters: What in Samhain Just Happened?! As he walked, MacNicol moved his head side to side. On Page 1, the jogger is visually based on the Jogger Ghost from Ghostbusters II. A maw-shaped piece of fiberglass was placed inside the puppet and attached to a vacuum tub in order to simulate a mouth. Three additional puppeteers operated the tail and four arms. Louis' letterhead reiterates he is also a lawyer. On Page 11, "1989" appears on a shelf sign behind Ray. In the meantime, Peter Venkman is the host of "The World of the Psychic", a television show that, unfortunately, is avoided by renowned psychics stemming from the belief that Peter is a fraud. [54] Slimer's segments were deemed intrusive by preview audiences. Slimer's appeal, luckily, was very universal among children thanks in part to the first movie and The Real Ghostbusters. On the Subscription Cover, near the vehicles are Psychomagnotheric Slime and the Animated Toaster. On Page 6, in panel 5, on the board is one of the McDonald's Canada Ghostbusters II tray liners. Chuck Gaspar's crew made a piece of sheet metal hidden in the baby's suit and suspended on four wires attached to an overhead rig. Even before the sequel was agreed upon by all parties, there were rumors as early as 1986 that Dan Aykroyd was writing a script. Later on Ray, Winston, and Egon get out of the sewers all covered in slime and fighting. On paper, the 16th date looked impossible because it meant pushing back the already exhausting editing schedule and ILM's dates. Then all four Ghostbusters, Dana, Oscar and Janosz look at the painting that appears of the four Ghostbusters and a baby. Slimer - Ghostbusters 2 1989 VR / AR / low-poly 3d model. She sees Oscar as a supernaturally powered Janosz takes him. Entertainment Weekly. When the Statue of Liberty comes off of West 54th Street onto Fifth Avenue, she steps out from between the The Canada Building at 680 Fifth Avenue then her massive foot steps on the street in front of Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue then steps on a police car in front of Fred's at 703 Fifth Avenue), which comes before Trump Tower in the direction she was walking. Ghostbusters Characters. On Cover A, a book references Janosz Poha's line "He's Vigo!" The replica was 30% larger than the original and the glass was left out of the windows since they got in Reitman's way. The crew shot three takes of the scene of the Statue of Liberty stepping on the police car. The 'Baby Egon' holds a Giga meter. Chris Cabin argues that Ghostbusters 2 belongs in the same grouping of bad comedy sequels as The Hangover Part 2, Meet the Fockers, and Men in Black 2. On Page 7, in panel 2, on the table are a Slinkie and toaster - nods to Ghostbusters II. A budget of $25 to $30 million was given for the movie. On Page 5, Peter pulls Ray's ear to get the truth. Apogee - under effects supervisor Sam Nicholson - was hired to create the Ghost Train. It was shown that the slime reacts to threats and verbal abuse, however it also reacts to singing as they did a toast with a toaster where it would dance to the music. "Prime Slime with Ghostbusters" Fangoria #84, page 28. [57] A concept painting was done of him as a red hooded specter manifesting in Central Park and tearing trees and light poles out of the gound. The man eating dinner with the woman who gets slimed by Ray is Peter Mosen, a famous Ghostbusters fan. The crew had to climb up a wooden ladder and walk along a very narrow catwalk. The wall of slime that enveloped the museum was filmed twice. Lawrence's original concept played more into the electricity motif. In terms of story, the New Year's Eve backdrop is absent, montages are barely a presence, and several locations like the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital and Peter's apartment are absent nor have any comparable stand-ins. Saved by zerothdegree Levvi. On Page 16, in panel 1, on the right on the screen is a grab from the opening cutscene in the Ghostbusters II Atari video game of Dana holding Oscar in a panic. If the crown were built to scale, the actors faces would be obscured and there would be little room to move around with the Proton Packs on. Peter Venkman and Louis Tully have elevated roles while Janine Melnitz and Winston Zeddemore are barely present. Muren and Vargo approved then the designs were brought to Reitman. The lightweight model Proton Pack weighed about 28 pounds and did not light up as much as the operational model. 7. It stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis as Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler, a trio of eccentric parapsychologists who start a ghost-catching business in New York City. Meanwhile, back at the firehouse Janine dresses up Louis in Egon's jumpsuit and then he leaves on foot to help the guys. [82], John Goodson and Jeff Olson of the ILM model shop used photographs and videotape of the Titanic to build a replica of the ship in plywood and urethane. [24] The Impaled Heads and Ghost Train were among these added scenes. As a replacement for this scene, a new scene was shot - Mayor Lenny tells his staff about a discussion he had with the ghost of Fiorella La Guardia. On Page 2, in panel 3, the 80-C Slimer has on a hat like Slimer wore at the end of Ghostbusters II. It was unknown if the river should be green like Slimer or blue or something else. A woman answered with a bowl of candy ready. Starring: On Page 10, the Brahm and cello art from Dana's Ghostbusters II-era apartment are present. The video version omits this and just ends with a pan up to the statue's head then a fade to black. Dana notices and sees the window up. He later approached Fuller and arranged for him to read for a part with Ivan Reitman. Reitman changed the character's name to Janosz Poha. On Page 15, Peter is wearing his blue sweatshirt and Ray is wearing his red shirt, tan vest combo from Ghostbusters II. On Page 9, in panel 3, the Ghostbusters II Poster Book is on the shelf above Peter's head. In the "edited for television" version, Peter's line "There seem to be three million completely miserable assholes living in the tri-state area." What Jack didn't tell them was that the people down town work for the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital, an insane asylum. On the Dramatis Personae, Dana's bio refers to Oscar and Vigo. On Page 12 and 21, Vigo is referenced by Fred. The role went to Gilbert Gottfried. Set decorator Cheryl Carasik populated the set with old used books. He was covered in white makeup and photographed against a bluescreen for subsequent compositing into a live action plate. On the top shelf behind Egon are the spare Slime Blower nozzles. On Page 7, as mentioned in the previous issue, the Vigo painting is shown having been drawn all over. The actors were dumped with buckets and buckets of slime then filed for hours on end with no heaters. On Page 20, the scene is reminiscent of the Manhattan Museum of Art being covered in Psychomagnotheric Slime. On Page 6 , making appearances at children's parties is referenced. Mickey Mouse . Gaspar brought in two-time national champion driver of miniature cars Jay Halsey, both having worked on Dirty Harry movies, to steer the carriage. Gross worked with them on a new design. The stuntwoman who was in place of the Prosecutor when she is carried off by the Scoleri Brothers wore a pair of flying pants and vest with a cable running up her leg to the ceiling track above. They painted a brittle pinkish polymer over the black shell. When it was coming out in July, ILM had 110 effects shots. On Page 16, in panel 4, the poster on the right is 'No Bozos' from Peter's construction helmet. At one point, there was concept art done for the ghosts. On Page 13, the T-shirt on display references the Bass Masters show mentioned by the security guard at the Manhattan Museum of Art in Ghostbusters II when Peter first visits. The first thing they do, as Janosz rants, is hose him down with the Slime Blowers. [18] Filming in New York was a tight schedule of 67 days. Southfork has a retirement community in Florida. Peter is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the team; he also holds a PhD in psychology. After a few takes done fast and slow, the scenes were edited together and both Chapman and the light were matted out. [19] The possessed baby carriage scene was filmed at the beginning of production during the two weeks of location shooting in New York. Time Patrol. Then it was cut down to one week. 1. Meanwhile Vigo is talking to Janosz and a deal is struck that Vigo would be reborn as the baby for Dana and Dana would be Janosz's wife. The exterior banners advertise an exhibit of art by Edgar Degas. Filming & Production 4,8 sur 5 étoiles 880. Saved by KaDaffi DatDuck. Peter says a few comments, which angers Vigo and then he shocks all four again. Ghostbusters 2 character clipart PNG file-300 dpi. [4] One of the first things Steel talked about in her job interview was getting a sequel off the ground. On Page 15, still on the brown tack board from Get Real Issue #2 are, on the left, the small purple sticker from the Hardees Ghostbusters II promotion, "Goo E Ghost, Purple Ghost" sticker. On Page 9, the portrait of the Ghostbusters and Oscar from the end of Ghostbusters II is seen. The surname on his badge is even Monaco. They try to blast open the through the slime on the museum, but it's too strong. Columbia Pictures wanted to immediately do a sequel. On Page 9, Dana concedes Oscar was the target in her second supernatural encounter. On Page 1, Bob's precognitive dream is of the events of Ghostbusters II and he alludes to Vigo and Oscar. On Page 14, Jack Hardemeyer gets fired for getting carried away once again. When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. However, Porter was no longer available. When the streams were supposed to wrangle them, the mylar would be utilized to constrict the ghost. Off screen, the actors would land on airbags. On Page 10, in panel 4, the left most frame on the wall is the Ghostbusters II ad that portrayed the Ghostbusters atop the Statue of Liberty. The Nunzio suit wore close to 80 pounds. On Page 9, in panel 3, the officer on the right is the first cop who questioned the digging of First Avenue in Ghostbusters II. Release Dates Meanwhile, the Ghostbusters meet the Mayor at Gracie Mansion and Jack Hardemeyer is there: being a jerk. But it was decided he would be toned down and more contrast would be added. [76] The Ghost Train was added to the movie after principal photography had wrapped. However, due to COVID-19, its date was eventually moved to March 5, 2021. It became very important for ILM to stay on top of things. In the movies, he is characterized by his blunt persona, his laid-back approach to his profession, and his womanizing demeanor; of the three doctors in the Ghostbusters, he is the least committed to … along with Walter Peck. The original version was shown in solicits and Diamond's Previews January issue. On Page 41, the episode seen in Ghostbusters II is revealed to be the 32nd and penultimate one. Rick Lazzarini made a few. Ernie Hudson did at one point ask Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis what they were thinking when they wrote the scene. Peter Venkman is a focal member of the Ghostbusters. These scenes were intercut with miniatures and an actor dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume. Forside › Uncategorized › ghostbusters 2 characters. "Return of the Money Making Slime" Rolling Stone #553, page 56. On Page 18, in panel 2, Donatello is holding the Globuscope. On Page 16, Egon has a coffee cup with the periodic symbol for Cobalt emblazoned on it. Create 50. Reitman remembered Fuller and he was offered a part, no negotiation. Egon grabs a "The World of the Psychic" pen. On Page 19, in panel 5, on the chalkboard written down is 'Christmas Boutique Item' -- a nod to the animated toaster in Ghostbusters II. Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson has confirmed Winston Zeddemore will be a more fully fleshed out character in Jason Reitman's upcoming sequel. [17] The 80's rap song On Our Own by Bobby Brown featured on the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack. On Page 13, Peter dons his shades from the montage in Ghostbusters II. On Page 5, in panel 2, the frames on the wall have scenes from the movies such as Louis Tully as Ghostbuster in Ghostbusters II. On Page 13, the Nintendo Advantage Controller used for the Statue of Liberty appears on the console. Ray mentions Egon never taught at Columbia since the Ghostbusters battled Vigo years ago. On Page 19, in panel 2, to the upper left of Egon is his "Epidiymus" line in the second movie. The Mink Coat originates in the August 5, 1983 draft of the first movie. The interiors were filmed at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Brentwood, California. On Page 6, behind the rings is the 'The Brain' chart from Egon's laboratory, nearest the two way mirror, in the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research. The crew filled it with water and injected diamond dust, a fine metal powder. Just in case, several large airbags were placed below. On Page 3, Ray wears his civies from Ray's Occult and Janine has her black overall skirt and hair-do from Ghostbusters II. The train was stationary and rigged with steam and reactive lights by Grant McCune. At the end of the theater version, Slimer comes out from behind the Statue of Liberty and flies right into the camera just like how he did at the end of the first movie. Egon implies the River of Slime was pumped out in a few days time. Floating Oscar in the museum took some doing. Southfork may be reinforcing Louis' line in Ghostbusters II revealing his mom was in Florida. They are poorly defended by Louis Tully and are found guilty. When Oscar was floating across the room, Gaspar pulled the rig by rope. Despite the scene of them bursting from the chairs being difficult in theory, it was filmed rather quickly. Wenner Media LLC, New York City, New York, USA. On Page 16, Peter alludes to Oscar and his Joe Namath jersey. Two blocks from this intersection, Louis' bus stop scene was filmed. On Page 6, to the far left is the painting that depicted the Ghostbusters and Oscar at the end of Ghostbusters II. On Page 3, next to the bag is the unnamed device Peter held in part of the montage from Ghostbusters II. On Page 7, on the bottom right of Egon's board, some writing suggests Louis Tully is living in Florida. Ghostbusters II is the 1989 sequel to Ghostbusters (1984) produced and directed by Ivan Reitman. The top note is "Does kid parties?" Dr. Raymond Stantz (portrayed by Dan Aykroyd) 3. On Page 5, in panel 2, once again, on the right is the Jump Bug arcade. On Cover A, Winston is surrounded by the Impaled heads and the Ghost Train is approaching Winston and the heads. [50] Initially, the Ghost Jogger was photographed to look very white and extremely bright. The interior of the book store was on Stage 15 next to the World of the Psychic set at Burbank Studios. On Page 3, Peter, Ray, and Egon are in their construction outfits. Bernard, Jami (July 1989). The resulting imagery of the train was rendered transparent then composited into the live-action plate. For the first montage, Ecto-1a was filmed driving on FDR Drive between East 36th & East 37th Streets. However, there are notable differences in the story structure and certain characters are missing or replaced. They wanted to try and film a scene over his left shoulder but the camera man didn't think it would work so the scene was scrapped. The next day, Peter, Ray, and Egon are put on trial for violating their restraining order. Before it was settled, there was an idea for a ghostly subway train with rotting commuters. They instantly dislike one another and Peter reminds him of how "bookworms" like himself earned him and his fellow Ghostbusters their public status and reputation. It was a big leather diaper attached to a metal pole bolted down to the ledge. Chris Goehe and his mold shop crew made a full lifecast on her and Al Coulter worked on a new skullcap. In Ray's Occult, Egon is looking at a copy of. Later, Peter comes home to find Dana cleaned his apartment. Meticulously recreated in every detail, this Slimer will have you shivering in fear of him popping out the … The painting changes and Vigo orders him to locate a child, possessing him with the evil power. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Peter had an orange vest with two white vertical lines and helmet with the No Bozo sticker on the side. On Page 11, in panel 3, on the brown tack board is a Ghostbusters II theater ad and the back of the box of the Ghostbusters II Activision video game. The river was rigged with injectors, air bladders, and plexiglass baffles to bring life it. Mayor Lenny is replaced with a politician named Maury. The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of spectral activity allows the staff of Ghostbusters to revive the business. Sadly, the film was overshadowed by unnecessary backlash over the change from a male team to a female one. At the 29:55 mark, when Mr. Fianella is testifying on the stand, Winston is seating on Fianella's seat in the spectator's gallery. Meanwhile Dana and Peter seem to be patching things up in there relationship at the restaurant and Janine and Louis are enjoying the time together at Peter's apartment. Due to a damaged printer sent to ILM, Pacific Title took on some of the optical compositing work. Images have been drawn by me . Ernie Hudson reveals how Ghostbusters: Afterlife will complete his character … It was virtually impossible to shoot at night and get good exposure above street level. On Page 9, in panel 1, a scene from the start of Ghostbusters II Chapter 10 is recreated from when Egon mentions the judge's nickname "The Hammer," including a cameo from Judge Wexler, the man who walks past the plaintiff's table, the officer who hands Wexler a sheet, and part of the Stenographer. John Armstrong and Peter Crossman came up with designs that evolved the Proton Streams to act like cowboy lassos and fishing lines. On Page 18, the fifth image is from Chapter 8 "Down the Shaft" when Ray is first lowered above the River of Slime. On Page 4, Peter uses the Mark I Slime Blower and pink slime, from Ghostbusters II, on the protestors. Sony had announced at Comic-Con 2008 that the Blu-ray version of the film along with Ghostbusters was to be released on October 21, 2008, which got delayed to June 18, 2009. D&D Beyond Since there is no River of Slime, there are no Slime Blowers. 13. Muren and Jessup continued to refine. Ghostbusters II. On the first take, a piece of the rig, flew up into frame. On Page 23, the 212-555-6311 number is from the Ghostbusters II invoice prop can be seen. Whatever was slated to be blown up was made of balsa wood: the railing, the walk through hinged doors, the judge's box and defense table. [89], Around September 23 to November 1, 1988, the character went by the name "Justin. He had no interest in a sequel. On Page 2, like in Ghostbusters II, Ray and Winston are wearing the Slime Blowers. On Page 8, the top frame among the group of three by. The show ran for seven seasons from 1986-1991 and featured the characters from the first Ghostbusters, as well as the ghost Slimer, who became the Ghostbusters' official mascot. On Page 20, in panel 4, on the board is the. On Page 11, Armand's Restaurant is referenced on a sign. The crew scrambled and redid the coat with darker fur in time for the shoot. [96] The earliest shots done were in a larger-than-life-full-size-replica of the crown constructed on a sound stage at Burbank Studios. Noting that they were in they underwear and covered in slime the restaurant manager called the cops as the guys told Peter and Dana about the river of slime and the events. The boys then get an idea that they need a positive symbol to lift the spirits of the people in the city. [58] As of September 23, 1988, during storyboards, Henry Mayo and Tim Lawrence illustrated concept in which Vigo's spectral essence was strong enough to animate the exhibits he walked by in the art museum. It manifested during a fashion show after the. On Page 2, Janine mentions she and Jenny came from a bust at Gracie Mansion. Games Movies TV Video. Music By: Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dan AykroydHarold Ramis On Page 8, in the Ecto-Goggle POV, one of the readings is "1989 MHz" - a possible nod to Ghostbusters II, which released in 1989. [84], The Mink coat animation was filmed at night outside the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The lasso idea turned out to work very well with the mylar squash and stretch effect used on the Scoleri Brothers. History Talk (0) Share. Instead, he glued pieces of piano wire to the backs of 16 crystal objects. The first montage and ending credits feature scenes that were deleted from the movie. The collarbone was lowered to elongate the neck and add to the emaciated torso design. On Page 7, Ivan Reitman and two men from Chapter 16 "Vigo 101" once again appear outside the Firehouse almost like their cameo. When the Scoleri Brothers first manifest, they are seated in electrical chairs. [63][64], The origins and colors of the river of slime were not set in stone. Laying flat on a shelf is the NES Advantage Controller Egon used to 'control' the animated Statue of Liberty. On Page 10, in panel 2, the long strip of white paper is the art on the New Ghostbusters 2 video game cartridge. You will receive: 1 of each image as shown in picture PNG files 6 in totals. Dr. Janosz Poha is a character in the movie Ghostbusters 2, as well as Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. (see: "the Twinkie") Winston tries to measure how deep it is when the slime pulls him in, and he goes downriver. The real difficulty was operating the puppet at 48 frames a second in order to portray smooth movements. [94] For the scene when Janosz kidnaps Oscar, Peter MacNicol was dressed in drag and photographed in front of a bluescreen. On Page 24, mentioned are Vigo, the Psychomagnotheric Slime, and Vigo's bond to the slime in Ghostbusters II. Jillian Holtzmann is a member of the Ghostbusters team from the 2016 reboot of the franchise. Directed by Ivan Reitman. On Page 3, in panel 6, on the two green screens are from stage 1 of the Ghostbusters II Game Boy. Degas was a 19th century French artist credited with having a part in founding Impressionism but preferred to be called a Realist. After checking the area and getting a strong reading, they drill a hole in the street. Ghostbusters II Cast. [102], Stephen Dane was inspired by military flamethrower backpacks when designing the Slime Blower. She recommended it to her husband and he saw it. Alan Peterson had to calculate flow and volume for the slime's delivery system so an even bigger mess wouldn't result. The blackout scene was shot on a set. When the operator moved his brow, cheek, lips and jaw, sensors would send signals to the servos inside the puppet and mimic the movement done. He felt they couldn't top the ending of the first movie but none the less made a worthy sequel. The Addams Family. line from the investigation of the library stacks in Ghostbusters. He asked if he could take some liberties with his character and demonstrated. Tippett agreed it as long as the ghost was only 160 frames long, it could be built based on an existing armature, and it would be done in one take. He gave a Joe Namath jersey to Oscar in the movie. On Page 28, Winston alludes to when they animated the Statue of Liberty. 23 in Los Angeles. The scene of the Ghostbusters and Louis leaving were shot at a side door service entrance at the Biltmore Hotel. [88], The Theatre Ghost was created by Rick Lazzarini of The Creature Shop in Van Nuys based on a drawing by Henry Mayo. Lowry, Brian (1986). [161] [162], The Real Ghostbusters kept the Ghostbusters franchise in the public sphere and thus, in part influenced the making of Ghostbusters II. On Page 19, the officer is based on Ralph Monaco who played a police sergeant in Ghostbusters II. It was one of Samhain's goblins. On Page 8, the New Ghostbusters end up by the reservoir like in Ghostbusters II. The electricity would disperse the bubbles then the two eyes would crumble into cinders and disappear down the drain. After the show, he runs into the Mayor and tries to talk to him but is stopped by Jack Hardemeyer, the Mayor's assistant. [160], The film received flack when released for not being as funny as Ghostbusters and having a plot that seemed to be mainly a rehash of the original's. Janosz goes to Dana's apartment to see if he can get her baby, but is turned down. At the Washington Square shoot at 5 am, about 750 people had shown up in anticipation of being on Ghostbusters II. The Mood Slime from the Ghostbusters II is what the Ghostbusters cover Peter in. Gaspar went up to the scaffolding and sprayed them with lubricant. On Page 12, on the bottom shelf behind Peter is the New Ghostbusters II Video Game (NES) reproduction from Timewalk Games. While the police show up to tell them that the gas leak story they gave doesn't check out, Ray finds out that there is a river of slime flowing under New York. On Page 5, Dana mentions Oscar is with his father. The crew returned to New York for additional location shooting with only three months before the film was set to release in theaters. To read more on Home movie releases of the film go to Ghostbusters Home Video Releases, In the United States, Ghostbusters II premiered on the ABC television network on Sunday February 16, 1992 at 9:00 PM Eastern as part of "The ABC Sunday Night Movie" series. [100], At first, the team at ILM attempted to duplicate the Proton Streams from the first movie. Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, also known by his historical alias "Vigo the Carpathian", is the main antagonist of Ghostbusters II. Psychomagnotheric Slime drips behind Ecto-1. [20] The last shoot was at 2 am with the Statue of Liberty on Fifth Avenue scene. On Page 6, Ecto-1a is parked outside 325. Meyers lined up the beams so they tracked from MacNicol's eyebrows to the puddles of light on the walls. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. The sandal was matted into the plate and the model was dissolved in for the real car. June 16, 1989 NADecember 1, 1989 UK The Statue's sandal crushing the car was filmed in against bluescreen. Bill Murray Original Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Costume Die Geisterjäger Ernie Hudson Harold Ramis Sigourney Weaver Aliens Movie New … He used to host "The World of the Psychic". On Page 13, in panel 2 to 4, the blue Post-it note references Gracie Mansion and its address. Egon and Ray examine Oscar and his room, then investigate the street where the stroller stopped. Eventually, the idea of the Titanic came to Ramis. The courtroom set was modified from one used in "Legal Eagles" (1986) which Ivan Reitman directed. The diaper was hidden in the Deutschendorf's jumpsuit and the pole was hidden if their legs were kept in position. |

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